Fabric Technology

What is Seawool® technology?

Seawool® technology is a innovation developed by Creative Tech Textile. Seawool® is an recycled functional fabric made from discarded oyster shells and recycled PET bottles. The result is a texture that feels like wool yet doesn’t itch. Seawool is antibacterial, anti-static, soft to the touch, and insulates, making it an excellent choice for activewear.

Main features


Conductivity value, 0.044, doubles the insulation effect.

UV Protection

Offers protection against sunburn and melanin deposition.


Free from any strong or pungent odors.

Woolen Touch

Excellent elasticity and resistant to deformation


Seawool is made by combining discarded oyster shells with recycled PET bottles. The oyster shells, rich in minerals from the ocean, are crushed and integrated with the plastic material to create a yarn that is both innovative and sustainable.

Seawool is designed to be soft and comfortable, with a woolen touch that provides excellent elasticity and resistance to deformation. It has low thermal conductivity, which means it doubles the insulation effect against cold. This makes Seawool warm and suitable for wear in cooler conditions, without the itchiness often associated with traditional wool.

Seawool is highly beneficial for activewear due to its unique characteristics derived from discarded oyster shells combined with recycled PET bottles. This innovative material provides several advantages that enhance the wearing experience, making it ideal for active and athletic apparel in the cold!

Yes! Seawool technology helps address plastic pollution in marine ecosystems by repurposing ocean plastic waste into functional textile materials. By diverting plastic waste from oceans and landfills, it reduces the environmental impact of textile production.

Seawool is an excellent choice for businesses focusing on green textile and athletic apparel. The material’s characteristics not only enhance the performance and comfort of the wearer, but also align with the increasing market trend towards sustainable and functional fashion.

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