Fabric Technology

What is Repreve® technology?

Repreve® technology is a fabric technology developed by Unifi, a global leader in recycled performance fibers. Repreve® technology transforms recycled plastic bottles into high-quality, performance fibers that are used in various products across industries such as apparel, automotive, home furnishings, and more.

Main features


Made from recycled plastic bottles, less waste and pollution.


Comparable strength & durability to virgin polyester fibers.

Moisture Wicking

Quickly moving moisture away from the skin


Soft, smooth, & lightweight feel, comfortable against the skin.


Wide range of applications, including clothing, activewear


Repreve® fibers are made through a process that starts with collecting recycled plastic bottles. The bottles are cleaned, shredded, and melted down to form chips, which are then extruded into polyester fibers.

Yes, Repreve® fibers offer comparable durability to traditional polyester fibers while providing the added benefit of being made from recycled materials.

Yes, Repreve® fibers can be recycled repeatedly without losing their quality or performance, contributing to a closed-loop system of recycling and reuse.

Repreve® fibers themselves are not inherently water-resistant. However, Repreve® fibers may be treated with water-repellent finishes or laminates to enhance their water resistance.

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