Fabric Technology

What is KNIT-Twist™ Technology?

Introducing the pinnacle of textile innovation: our revolutionary KNIT-Twist Technology™. Developed through cutting-edge knitting techniques, this groundbreaking technology empowers designers to unleash their creativity like never before, offering limitless possibilities for repeat designs directly from the knitting process.

Unlike traditional methods, KNIT-Twist™ doesn’t compromise on the stretchability of jersey construction. With this innovative technique, you can achieve intricate pattern designs without sacrificing comfort or flexibility.

First introduced in 2020, our 1st generation KNIT-Twist has since evolved to include advanced features such as 3D designs and mesh patterns. Whether you’re seeking depth and dimension or enhanced breathability, our KNIT-Twist™ Technology delivers unparalleled versatility and performance.

Embark on a journey of discovery with our KNIT-twist collection. From captivating 3D textures to breathable mesh motifs, each piece epitomizes the unparalleled versatility and performance of this pioneering technology. Elevate your wardrobe with sophistication and ingenuity – experience KNIT-Twist™ today.

Main features


Designed to fulfill everyday needs to compression like 4 Way Stretch

3D construction

Create a barrier from the wearer skin with outside temperature

Gradient color

Fashionable color gradient/shift design

Perforated Construction

Visible / non-visible mesh construction increases air-flow


The traditional jacquard knitting pattern is outlined by different construction that sacrifice the stretchability from jersey construction. KNIT-Twist has a unique design to outline the pattern by different colored yarn and remain the same stretchability as jersey.

The Knit-Twist fabric is as durable as traditional knitting without sacrifice any performance on a jersey construction.

Geo-metetric, controllable melange effect, tie dyed effect.

The application ranges from base layer jersey with mechanical stretch and tonal color design to compression like legging fabric.

The Knit-Twist can only be knitted with filament yarn at moment and it works perfectly with any type of functional filament fiber and lycra yarn.

The fabric creates a barrier that prevents the loss of body heat during early exercise and offers improved breathability after a period of jogging or exercise. It is important to note that the fabric is not designed to compete with fleece fabric in terms of thermo regulation due to the absence of a brushed finish, which prevents fiber loss contamination.

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